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Online marketplaces are a vast wilderness with billions of customers and unlimited potential.

How We Can Help

We work with brands to navigate the retail landscape, make better decisions, and grow sales and profit through consultation, manufacturers representation, and active campaign management.

Content & Merchandising

Optimize product detail pages on Amazon and other online channels to improve SEO and increase traffic and conversion. 

Inventory Management

Keep inventory costs down through logistical planning and demand forecasting. 

Advertising &
Promotional Planning

Plan and execute promotions, deals, and advertising campaigns to build brand awareness and drive sales. 

Retail Strategy

Provide guidance and advise on strategies to improve sales and profit.

Account Management

Manage day-to-day account operations and troubleshoot and resolve issues.

Customer Relations

Examine customer reviews and feedback and build processes to engage with customers and solve problems.

Our Services

Content & Merchandising

We optimize your product data, detail page content, images, and videos to increase traffic and improve conversion.

Product Set Up

Product Launches

Detail Page Conversion

Product Positioning

Content and Catalog Optimization (Amazon SEO)

Advertising & Promotional Planning

We provide insight and help you plan promotions, deals, and advertising to make sure you maximize growth and get the most bang for your buck.  We manage the process and ensure everything gets executed properly.

Plan and Execute Promotions and Deals

Promotional Event Planning

Amazon Advertising

Facebook Advertising

Account Management

We manage your account day to day and provide guidance and strategy to grow the business.  No need to hire someone in-house or learn from trial and error.

Sales Analysis

Case and Contact Management

Operational Troubleshooting

Day to Day Account Operations

Inventory management

We help you forecast demand for your products to ensure you stay in stock and keep costs down.

Amazon FBA and Vendor Logistics

Importing and Freight Forwarding

Inventory Management

Retail Strategy

We work with you to create long-term and integrated Amazon and Facebook strategies that complement your overall retail strategy. 

Marketing Strategy

Product Assortment


Relationship Management

Customer Relations

Open and reactive dialog with customers to build trust and strengthen your brand.

Buyer Engagement

Review & Feedback Management

Customer Service

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