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Maximize your Exit with DTC Retail

Our experience, partnerships, and infrastructure have helped us create a process for getting deals across the line. Our process is different from many other e-commerce aggregators in that we are willing to create unique deal structures from complete buyouts to true partnerships. We’re ready to walk you through it, from start to finish.

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Why Choose Us

Choosing your partner to exit with is an important decision. A few additional things that separate us from other acquirers are:

  • Focus on sustainable growth

  • Privately funded - allowing for proper brand stewardship

  • Top line royalty structures

  • Straightforward process & hassle free close

  • Open to small brands (at least $100,000 in revenue)

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Category Focus

When it comes to acquisitions and partnerships, we are very category focused since we have a highly developed investment thesis that is inline with our personal category preference.

Process Overview

We do the right thing by our founders through every stage of the process. We’re upfront, fair, honest, and we are true believers of the golden rule.


Learn more about your business and see what you are looking for. If there is a fit, we will conduct a valuation.


Collaborate with founders to conduct a valuation and create a structure that works for both sides.

Due Diligence

Comb over your financials and operations to create a deeper understanding of your business.


The exciting part! We are dedicated to seamless transitions, freeing you for your next venture.

Modern Architecture


Get started on your journey to what’s next by giving us some information about you and your business.

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